What you plan for profit

when i start my trading journey i losses $300 nd that money also for me big in my account remaining only $200 i practice i focus on how to better improve my skill, i saw my journal then i identify my RRR then i decide i fix it i solve my challenge and i focus everyday only $10 then my capital increase my lot size increase right now. my live account balance is $103 350.00.

imp tip

skill is imp so focus on skill either you waste of time n money with life
journals its about your truth so write
believe on yourself and learn, practice , practice practice practice i take trade on paper

today i have that everything what i want bcuz i focus on skill .

i join recently babypips its awesome platform so take benefits
thank you babypips you making lots of smiles


Always a good idea to keep a trading journal and reflect on trades every now and then! :blush: With that live account balance, you must have been trading for a while. :open_mouth: If you don’t mind, how long have you been trading? :smiley:

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