Whats a Dev/Engineer doing on this platform? Let me tell you why... :)

Hi, my names Sherman, and I am a Full Stack Web Developer & Software Engineer - with a passion for financial market trading. I started out in 2009 as a trader, but went on to work for a few fintech firms and learned a lot regarding trading [from a professional’s perspective], the various types of firms that trade the markets and how each of them are unique.

So my experience spans everything from Speculative, to Hedging and Arbitrage firms - but I am here to learn, because experience has taught me that no one knows everything, today’s tried and tested techniques may not be that effective tomorrow, and that above all else - keeping calm and setting realistic expectations helps tremendously.

I’ve seen people that want to make millions in their first year, and don’t last a month. The reality is that most investment managers cannot beat most indices - so setting a goal of 5% a month, may seem boring and not too profitable at the very least - yet this alone will catapult you to places beyond the average fund manager.

In this profession - patience is truly a virtue… :slight_smile: …the markets are always moving and providing opportunities for those who seek them.


Welcome to the community, Sherman! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to learning more from your experiences!

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Thanks Chimmy, much appreciated.

Hello and welcome ShermanK78! Enjoy your stay and good luck on your trading journey

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Thanks Baemax.

I appreciate your welcome message.

Thank you :slight_smile:


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No worries at all! :wink: