What's a place that you REALLY want to visit in the next 5-10 years?

Yes, it’s changed a lot since you were there.
You go there again - you’re addicted ! :white_flag: :airplane:

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I would gladly visit Venice and the Maldives :slight_smile: at least till I have such an opportunity.

Venice imho is just okay. But I suppose good to visit once. Maldives meanwhile, I haven’t been and it looks ABSOLUTELY breathtaking! Shoo, I’d be happy with Hawaii!

Tokyo … Japan

Omg yes. Prob one of the best cities I’ve ever visited in my life!

My son would really like to visit Tokyo so that’s on our list, I would like to go to Reykjavik and hopefully see the northern lights.

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Lovely photo thanks for sharing.

A close friend of mine visited Tokyo right before the pandemic started. I loved the photoes she sent me.

Same. Would be amazing to see!

Not only beautiful but also the food omg. :heart_eyes:

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Yes, she loved the food too. It must have been a great experience. :smiley:

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