What's a place that you REALLY want to visit in the next 5-10 years?

This topic was inspired by my conversation with @Dennis3450 and how he reminded me of how I wanted to go to Angel’s Landing in Utah. I have so many photos of it saved on my phone but I’m no longer as active and will need months of training to get fit again for this. It looks so so beautiful.

If anyone has been here, let me know how the hike was!

Here’s one of the photos I have saved:


Plitvice National Park in Croatia:

It’s my dream destination.

OMG. That place is BEAUTIFUL! Is there hiking involved? If so, how many hours?

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From other pictures I have seen, there are wooden trails visitors (probably) have to follow. It really looks stunning, doesn’t it?

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The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

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Want to get back to the Highlands of Scotland.

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OMG! It looks like Lord of the Rings!!


To live in Cambodia - such wonderful happy people, great fun and humour, great vibes as soon as you hit the tarmac.
I’m English - miserable people miserable weather too.


To walk again among the Mountains of Mourne, where i played as a child, grew up as a youth and walked together with my life partner as an adult.

Don McCleans haunting song with this video brings back so many memories - I recognize so much of the landscape - Ballymaghery Church where i made my first communion, the Hen Mountain where I’d run, Silent Valley for a fun day out…

“Mountains o’ Mourne” - ( Don McLean ) - YouTube


We English are miserable. We love being miserable too. When you ask an English person who is in perfect health and fitness how they are, they will typically say, “Well, not too bad…”


That was a lovely song. I googled some pictures too, beautiful region.

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Went to Cambodia once. Weather is super muggy lol. Whatd you think about their food?

Just watched the video. That’s where you grew up?? You’re so lucky!!!

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I love that. Here in the US I guess the equivalent is saying “Oh it’s going.” when someone asks you how’s it going. But that’s rare. Mostly we say “goodhowareyou” without looking at each other. It’s terrible lol.


I hear that all the time! Haha
Lots of people at work also say “well, I’m here…”

It sounds stupid, but I seriously try to keep a funny positive attitude, just to protect my happy attitude from their subtle misery.

So true :rofl: haha

We’re hopefully going to Svalbard and then driving through the Norwegian West Coast and Fjords through the whole of September. Can’t wait!

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Wow - You’ve been to Cambodia - you have nothing more to hope from life !
I left my heart in Cambodia - one day I will be back to claim it.
The food - well I’m not a food person but I suppose it’s a bit like Thai, though I did try to chastise my Cambodian girlfriend for eating rats - she just said “Don’t tell me what to do in Cambodia !”
I think you really need to live there for a while to appreciate the ‘working anarchy’ of Cambodia otherwise it’s just magnificent temples and dreadful history.
I could write a book about about the people, their sense of fun and wit, no wokey political correctness - if the world was full of Cambodians it would be a better place. And to think what they have endured.

If you say it in a funny way (?) I guess it’s possible for it to not sound as miserable lol.

I used to say “Still alive!” but after covid, now that has true meaning haha. And I’m not sure it will be funny for someone to hear if they’ve actually lost a family member/friend to covid. :skull:

I’ve only been to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and only for a few days. I will never forget this one dude selling doves inside a cage. You pay him money so he can let them go :joy: :rofl: Guess who paid hahaha. It was awesome.

Did you live there for a long time?

Yup. Still funny. People die all the time. COVID didn’t change that fact.

That’s the risk of being funny. Some people laugh and some people don’t.

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Yes, they are funny - in a fun way, witty and mischievous.
I would stay for 6 months on and off. They are good people to know

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That’s awesome. Wonder how much has changed since I went in 2010. Will have to visit again one day!

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