What's normal ? any help appreciated

Guys, I am very very new to forex and have jumped in at the deep end.
I opened a practice account with 60,000 gbp about a month and a half ago and now have roughly 300,000.

I was wondering what is a normal amount of profit for a regular trader to be making on an account of this size?
also less than one in ten of my trades are closed at a loss, is this good or is around 10% still to much?

I realise that I am a noob, any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

What’s normal? Normal is a ideology. Relative to one’s own perspective of the world. What’s normal to me is absurd to most. Maybe I’m normal through no other reason than I’m ab-normal. Much like the markets. Relative only to how you view it.

My advice, take a couple hundred quid open a small live account and see how it goes. Just keep doing what is is you’re doing. Trade what you see and not what it is you want to see. Unless you doing something very silly it will take some time to blow up a couple of hundred and you should learn a lot in the mean-time.

Well, I would say that it is NOT normal to have such success with so little experience. Although, i had a similar experience when i first started…it just instilled me with false confidence. If I were you, I would keep demo-ing, if you’re still consistently achieving these results and can explain HOW you are doing it 3 months or 6 months down the road…then maybe you really are just a natural. Then again, trading on demo feels different than with real money since losing real money is so much more painful. Be careful, stick your toe in when you go live, learn to swim first, good luck!

I agree 100%…

I would say you are trading like a banker then. Lol! Let’s put this into perspective… A few years ago a banks profitability was determined by their ability to leverage, in other words their Debt to equity ratio. Banks with more debt were more exciting to investors and their sales patter to investors always highlighted how they turned a 100m of debt into 200-300m of pure profit. That is how the game works, Basel III changed some of that, in that the Shareholder equity now hard to be greater portion of debt than in the past. Naturally, this restricted the amount of debt they could take on, in turn this impacted profitability, hence all the job losses in that sector.

So point being, most of this insane money derived from insane leverage that has peaked everyone’s interest sitting in this forum hoping one day to do the same and retire from mundane life, was actually generated by inexperienced twenty something graduates who displayed the mental capacity to be callous. So in effect my friend, in the context normal what you are doing is very normal in the banking world, it is however on a demo, so it will be hard to tell if you will trade 60k in that same fashion, if it was your own cash. I can assure you there is no difference between a demo and a live except for the psychological aspect.

Like I always say, no one gets rich speculating conservatively, in the words of the great Livermore but you can also go broke being risky but that is the game. It is not for everyone. Test your theory on a live and let us know how you do. If you can find 60k for real :slight_smile: