Whats on your trading log?

I have been demo trading for months but I have yet to create a trading log that is satisfactory to me. I created an elaborate excel spreadsheet with links to word documents for printscreens of my multi timeframe analysis for the trend direction, my entries and my exits. I also have a column for comments. But I also have many fields for why I entered the trade, candlestick patterns, moving average crosses, MACD direction, ADX, RSI crosses and direction, Stochastics overbought or oversold, etc. I am ready to trash this log because it has too much info and it would take me 15 minutes to fill out one trade and I think its way to complicated. I am just curious what other peoples log’s contain and if it seems effective for you.


I just have a simple spreadsheet that has a few columns:

Date | Currency | Direction | Entry | Exit | Stop Loss | P/L | Comments

Since I have already documented my trading plan, there is no need to put alot of stuff in the comments.

Thanks. I think I will throw mine out and make a simple spreadsheet like you are using. I might keep my button to plot my equity curve on a line chart. It always looks neat, atleast when it’s rising that is :slight_smile:

Personally I am going to use the module in Drupal called book or something like that. I will have a chapter for each week. Then within the week pages I will have each trade, maybe a screen shot, my entry price, my exit price, and a lesson I learned from that trade or a reminder to myself. Personally spreadsheets I find lame.

Once I get 50 posts ill give my forex blog a plug once and awhile so you can see what the hell I am talking about.

I use a simple database with the basics: currency pair, entry, exit, reasons for entering the trade, post trade comments, and a screen shot. I print each trade out and insert them in a 3 ring binder for easy review each week. The database also allows me to print a weekly analysis of all my trading activity.


Hmmm, never heard of that Drupal book. What is that?

I personally learn so much from each trade (if it fails) that I think I am over documenting it. I just think that if I end up with a log of hundreds of trades, with barely no info then it is useless to me. I am even thinking of making a simple journal or diary type log that only list trades that failed and why since I know why the successful trades worked. Things like overlooking the news, or not looking at the daily/4hour charts to see the true trend which got me a few times this week since the 15 min chart showed bullish but everything else showed Bearish which is where it went :mad:.

Thanks for your comments and I look forward to your BLOG since I believe you can learn the most from other peoples failures/successes).

What is funny is that some day, maybe 5 years or so, is that I expect to have to mentor my friends who are only interested in this if I make $$$. :eek:

Wish I had a mentor, besides babypips because it would make things so much easier than learning gradually on my own with the help of all the websites I use. (I actually have only been using babypips the most since I think it is more personal). I am getting too winded again! :slight_smile: