What's the best site for investing?

What’s the best site or forum to learn how to invest in stocks, yelds, bonds and many different investing related stuff?
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investing.com is good and of course here chatting with the guys

Hi, I think it all depends on whether you are new to this business or an expert. Unfortunately few of us actually know how to calculate our own net worth.If you don’t know about the basics, you can read about net worth (you’ll definitely learn something new and interesting for yourself) , but if you’re already a net worth expert and want to start tracking it on your own now, you can use a free net worth tracking tool.Tracking your net worth is important to help you understand what you can afford when it comes to major life decisions.

Forex is the largest and the most traded financial market in the world, with easy access. When it comes to finding the best forex trading broker or platform, whether it’s for a beginner or an experienced trader, you need to consider some key factors and benefits, and then compare them.

The most important thing to look for is the overall trading experience with that broker, the range of products that they offer, their fees, commissions, the trading platform, customer support, and any other trading tools that they provide for a better trading experience.

Last but not the least, if they are regulated and are a trustworthy broker. After extensive research about various forex brokers, you can determine the best forex broker .

To help you make an informed decision, you must also consider the current market volatility and the commitments that a brokerage firm is offering.

There are many brokers like capitalxtend which is completely transparent with the clients and provides them with the right opportunities from every kind of market.

I can agree that the forex market is a good choice for all the beginners. Its characteristic suits the requirements of traders, especially the newbies.

Forex market is only good if you have got your ways with a good broker. Otherwise you might get stuck. Not to scare you though.

It’s also about strategies though. I’ve been using Turnkey Forex, a broker I didn’t even know about until 2 months ago, and I’m doing okay. My long-term strategies are the same.

thanks for sharing, really useful info