What's The Best Trading Time?

Hello Folks,

I want to know what’s the best trading time

Lol, I guess when the markets are open :smiley:

It depends on what you are trading. Ideally you want at least two markers open that trade that asset class. For example Europe and the USA.

This is mainly only relevant for day traders. Longer term traders will enter/exit when their objectives are met.

If you are thinking of intraday trading then you might find this thread helpful:


There is quite a lot of other info on this topic if you use the search function.

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There is no universal best trading time, it all depends on your strategy and the pair you’re using to trade.

Among the most vital aspects of a trader’s success is the technique being made use of to speculate in markets. In some cases, certain techniques just do not benefit specific investors. Maybe its personality or risk attributes; or possibly the method is just un-workable to begin with.

What do you mean by unworkable methods? Could you name an example for this?

I am not sure what that has to do with trading times, please clarify?

My best trading time on US and UK session…

I prefer the US and UK sessions too, but I think a person’s preference often largely depends on the time zone they live in.

It will depend on your own trading styles. Forex is a truly 24 hours market where you are getting equal chances to trade at day or night. So what will be the best time for engaging in trading will greatly depend on how well you are managing your trades.