What's the best way to go about getting an indicator made?

I have an idea for an indicator but I’m no that computer saavy. Does anyone have experience with this?

you means custom indicator ?
perhaps you can start put in the line of what kind indicator you want to create.
best method is to ask some coder to create for you, check on mql official site there’s many coder would lend help at some price depend on indicator set.

Thanks Ontario I’ll try there.

Hallo Xerkley. I create my own indicator with ironfx indicator builder. No need to be good with computar. Very simple software. My account manager give me a demonstration of how this work. It is free and a very useful software. It helped me with my trades. Maybe this can help you.

Please tell me more

I agree with ontario that a coder is the way to go. There are plenty of placed where you can ‘rent’ one. Just make sure they are familiar with the coding language needed for the platform.