Whats the best?

Hi Im new here and would like to ask, Whats the best website to trade on?? any info would be great.

Thanks all…

Interesting question. One might even think you were smirking to yourself when you started this thread and leaving the beehive for whoever was brave enough to go for the honey and avoid getting stung… well, call me pooh… lol

Truth be told, there are many different trading platforms out there, and it seems the most popular is MetaTrader4, also referred to as MT4. The reality is, which ever platform you use and learn to manipulate to your personal trading methods is the best one for you. Every broker I am aware of either has their own charting package, or uses a version of MT4. So go forth, open a demo account, familiarize yourself with the tools and indicators they offer, the navigation of the platform, and start trading.

With time and experience, you will soon be helping other newbies guide theri way through your chosen charting package, should you choose to do so.

Good Pippin,


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Im getting more info everytime i come here so you never know i maybe be trading oneday!!

Oanda is a great place to start.

Since you are a newbie, allow that anything you do at this point is a move in the correct direction.

Open a demo account with any broker and begin your education in the school.

Wherever you start, it will not be where you end as your preferences will change with your knowledge and experience.

A single note of caution, often expressed by “mp” concerns opening a demo account with more than you will really be trading with . . . . . . it is a trap to do so and will result in your losing much equity when you decide to go “real”

When you download the platform, there should be an amount on the lower right side that you can change . . . . . . . change it to reflect the “real” amount of your money and always remember that you can open hundreds of demo accounts, should you destroy one. You will learn more from your mistakes than from any accidental wins

Thanks for that, its funny you said about changing the amount on the test account cos i was going to do that right away!!

There is so much to take in???

one thing you need to be wary of carl is keeping a very open mind about who you interact with on these public forums.
there are an awful lot of aliases doing the rounds on here at the moment, aren�t there [B]Hillel[/B] :slight_smile:
it�s a devil (for some folks anyway) trying to fathom who exactly is who LOL

certain individuals really must be terribly desperate (& frustrated) for something to do if they�re prepared to re-invent themselves 10 times a week just to hear the sound of their own voice on an internet forum :rolleyes:

anyway, lets keep it focued on trading shall we & see if we can direct this new entrant (newbie is such a horrible title don�t you think?) to some sensible, easy to navigate information.

when you�ve found your preferred chart & trade execution platform carl, ensure you take a leisurely stroll thru the Babypips school where you�ll obtain a basic introduction to the generics of the FX world:

Forex Training Online: Learn Foreign Exchange (FX) Currency Trading

if you�re seeking a little guidance on how to compile a simple, effective, common sense trading strategy, you could do worse than to take a browse at James� strategy located here:


it might offer you one or two idea�s when looking to build your own template/structure to work the market.
another couple of simple, uncluttered examples can be found here:


try keep your outlook & analysis as simple & straightforward as possible when starting out, it will pay you dividends further down the line.

Allow that there is much to learn, and face it as the learning experience it is.

Each day will become clearer as you absorb the culture, rules and movements of this market we all love, and you will soon be laughing at what you did not know just a short time ago.

Time is the important part because it leads to learning and experience, and this is the premier site for gaining that knowledge.

Go through the pip school, ask questions, mull over the answers repeatedly and observe what you have been told on your demo . . . . . . that will be the final answer for yourself.

This game has nooks and crannies where almost anyone can find a place, and what is good for one traders methods and pursuits may not suit you at all but over a period of time, it becomes much clearer and as it clears, you find where YOU belong.

And a year after that, where you are may only be a passing glance as you seek a different comfort zone.

It takes time but the time passes quickly and at the end, if you are constructed that way, the profits and advantages far outweigh the time spent in gaining YOUR experience.

Wander the site, take in what is happening and what you don’t understand today, shall be apparent tomorrow.

Jimmymac, you are aware of what a teacher does, are you not . . . . . . and Hillel was perhaps the most famous teacher of all, untiring and willing to assist at any point. Do not confuse desire to teach with whatever it is you are pertaining towards.

hahahaha, yeah whatever you say mp6140 :rolleyes:

i guess a fella will do whatever it takes to slip inside the security gates if he’s desperate enough LOL

surely if a certain individual was generating between $6-9k per day he’d have a sooper dooper, all singin all dancin website for him & his buddies to jawbone their day away on would he not? :slight_smile:

anyhow we’re digressing, & we need to ensure this new entrant remains entirely focused on the tasks ahead, don’t we [B]moderators[/B]

enjoy the ride carl, & be sure & keep your wits about you :wink:

I believe, having read all of his posts, that he has never stated that amount you quote, but rather an average of 350 pips per day per account.

What I have seen for sure though is his predictions on where to take profit on what is referred to as the “overnites” which are posted 8 - 12 hours before the fact, and that they have all come true, rewarding well those who follow his advice.

Other than that simple observation, I cannot comment on his life but fully understand why so many viewers have read and use his posts.

But please, let us allow this newbie to accumulate knowledge with no negativity to be thrown into the situation.

Well thanks to both of you for your help, im working my way through the school part and like you said finding out more each day, well only a bit!! but still in time i should pick this up!!

Thanks again guys.

You can start with Kerford Investments.