What's the best

Hi guys i’m a newbies i’d like to know what is the best robot ??? all comment will be appreciate thanks . i buy the megadroid but it’s a scam it doesnt do a single trade a week !!!

You can buy more Bots and figure out they are all scam, or you can listen to me (and I’m sure other will say this) learn to trade on your own!

rocky, you need to visit more internet forums and look around more. There is no “best” EA. Megadroid is not a bad robot…it does trade and is generally profitable. What you are trying to say is that YOU have not been able to get it to work, and that does not make it a scam.

There are more than enough guys running it and they publish their statements to MT4stats.com…just look for them and then compare.

i agree. no ea is perfect. but there is one who is known as the most profitable one, and that�s fap turbo. i trade with it, and it makes me very good profit, but very large losses, too. even fap turbo isn�t perfect.

Hi everybody,

Newcommer here, forex newbie as well.

I’ve been doing some research here and there regarding Forex, comparing personal opinions form one forum to another and there’s nothing more valuable than learning from the experts (and some rookies as well).

I’m not here to ask where’s the miracle button on my keyboard that will turn my pc into a Wal Mart’s cash register on a weekend, I’m not here to judge any statements whichever they are I have not experimented myself either.

I’m only here to learn, learn and continue learning, everyday. But I like to be a little ahead on things so, while there are so many differences in opinions regarding EAs, I bought a copy of my own to try it out and would like some help starting with one question.

I got the Pipzu EA for which I had no problem loading it up and it’s running with it’s standard settings. My Q: in this demo phase, should I leave it running 24/7 during weekdays (I understand transactions on weekends starting on fridays are not recommended), or just when I’m around, which would be like 4-5 hours late afternoon North America Pacific time?

Regardless of the robot you’ve used or are currently using, can you give me your personal advice?

I’ll appreciate any good comment for that matter.

Best regards.

Hi mostro,

I don’t know Pipzu, as I was left somewhat uninspired by the following 12 week demo test of it…

Automated Forex Review: Pipzu EA

That said, a good EA should take care of standard housekeeping matters like not trading on a Friday, if it affects the strategy. The great thing about demo testing is not just to see if the EA can trade properly, but also to see how things like Friday trading affects it.

In short, if demo, then leave 24/7 and analyse the results afterwards. So if you find all your big losses are on Friday or Sunday night, then you have your answer.

Also refer to the user manual and/or any website or forum that the author of the robot may have. Often they provide useful info. Your focus should also be trying to identify major economic events that will affect the EA…eg I like to scalp the Asian session and I give NFP a pretty wide berth, so I stop trading on the Wed night before and will only resume the following Monday.

You do not need to be around when it is running, and if you are around, be very careful of intervening in the trades that the EA carries out. It is difficult to sit on your hands when a trade is going the wrong way. I have intervened several times in my EA’s only to see the price reverse and would have ended in profit if I hadn’t meddled. This was due to not understanding the strategy and just letting fear get the better of me.

Hope it helps

That’s a very valuable lesson I’ll keep in my notes, I thank you very much Kenny, it will sure help me in my learning path.