What's the craziest crypto trading strategy you've seen?

Helloooo. :blush: I was scrolling through Tiktok last night (as I usually do), and I cam across this creator who was also trading BTC but she was basing it on astrology, zodiac signs, and planet retrogrades. :smiley: I thought it was quite interesting but it’s definitely one of the most unusual strategies I’ve seen so far. :smiley: How about you guys? :blush: Have you come across any crazy/ interesting/ unusual crypto trading strategy online? :smiley:

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Apparently, it’s really a thing! :smiley: Hahaha. I’ve been interested in astrology for over a year now but I didn’t really expect it to be applicable in BTC and finances! What do you think? Haha. :smiley:

Hi, welcome back from hols. I think that this is no more strange than the following:

Trend following
Trend reversal
Support and resistance lines
Supply and demand strategy
Candlestick patterns
Twitter sentiment

The reason is that it is possible for any of them to be an effective “indicator” if back test results show that they can demonstrate positive edge. Since history is not necessarily a predictor of the future just because you can present evidence that an indicator has worked in the past, it does not mean it will work in the future.

On a serious note, it is known that people’s actions, feelings, moods, decision processes can be affected by seasonal differences, circadian rhythm and other biological processes that are not well understood (like the third eye). To dismiss such potential cause and effect links is a bit like being without a religious belief. The older I get the more I realize there is more and more that I know nothing about, so I am always open to points of view that (at first sight) may be interpreted as “wierd, different, conspiratorial” etc. And once you confine yourself to a specific set of beliefs there is no hope of being pleasantly surprised by an unpredictable world. So sad :innocent:


On this topic, I just looked into animal years! Have you ever looked into yours and if they truly describe your personality? This year is the year of the Tiger lol.

I looked into my birth year. Do you think this describes my personality?

Personality And Horoscope For The Wood Sheep

The Wood Sheep are gentle, affable, polite, sympathetic, helpful and popular among others. They like to do everything by themselves. They are fond of social activities and usually enjoy a good popularity among others as they are easygoing and honest. They are a born pedagogue and like to educate others how to do things. Besides, they like the power but would not grab all the power. In relations with friends, they hope everyone could talk with them mildly. What’s they hate too much is to be cheated by others and see them keep a straight face.

In aspect of career, the Wood Sheep may encounter many difficulties. However, they could solve the problems by virtue of their ability and even get outstanding achievement. Thus, they are always appreciated by superiors and have chances to be promoted. To develop their career in abroad instead of in domestic market are suggested.

In life, the married couples are stable in love relationship. If a third party appears, their affection couldn’t be affected. However, they are usually alone as their spouses always travel on business. If they have time, travel with their love to relax is good for increasing their affection. The wife for a Wood Sheep man is always virtuous, thus he usually have a nice family.

The Wood Sheep enjoy a good fortune in wealth. However, in terms of investment, the Wood Sheep should not engage in those high risk investments in case there is unexpected crisis. Their financial fortune always rises first and then declines. So, they should control desires and know when best to leave off in investment.

As for the physical condition, the Wood Sheep usually have a high resistant and full of energy. But, they also fatigues easily. A little rest could help them to call the strength back.

Yes! This is very you! At least as far as what I’ve seen you write here! :slight_smile:

Ah isn’t this you as well? :slight_smile:

Did you read this to your wife lol what did she think?

HA. :thinking:

How about $TIME staking? Currently 66,000% APY. That’s crazy IMO.

You are right. I thought it sounded like me so I sent it to Sahar via What’s App, and when we were shopping later she said it described me exactly and wanted to know where hers was. I will have to go back to that site - I didn’t save the URL. So you see, using the Chinese zodiac may not be as strange as it sounds. I will now look into how to apply it to the day, week, month or whatever. Let’s call it the CZ (see zee) indicator. Seems Eezy. :crazy_face:

Yes, it is on my list. I have no current investment in that area of business, but half an ETH set aside for it. First I want to do the mechanics of staking either some reliable crypto (BTC or ETH) for normal yield, then an ordinary LP pair, then maybe some OHM, then ultimately either TIME or ALCX (Alchemix).

Maybe it looks like this:

Big bank, risk is 0% up to £85K in UK - for loss of capital, but you lose 7% per year of opportunity value as the buying power of Fiat erodes at 7% per year on average.
Stable coin deposit - locked in - 5% to 20%, risk may be between 1% and 5% depending on the provider
LP provider - 20% to 50% per year? Risk of loss may be 10% to 20%?
synthetic like OHM, TIME - up to 80,000% interest. Backtest the risk of the stable coin falling below the maximum drawdown from $1.00 - may be estimated if, after all, you can derive 100% per month from the lockin.

That’s a very open and inspiring way to go about the world today, tbh. :blush: Sorry if the initial post sounded like I was judging! I was just very curious about how this fits into the way most people usually do things. :smiley: I’m also interested in astrology myself, so I thought I could check in with people here before I try incorporating it into my trading decisions. HAHA. :smiley: Thanks for that though Mondeoman! :blush:

This is VERY YOU! :smiley: Haha. At least based on the personality I’ve observed in our interactions so far! :smiley: Haha.