Whats the deal with EA's?

Ok i’m a posting fool. I love this site!!! What is the deal with expert advisors? I’ve heard everything from they are great to they are unreliable. I have downloaded around 15 of them and i am backtesting them. I’m not lazy but who doesn’t dream of effortless pips? Anyway I am starting this thread to collect opinons about EA’s and if anybody trades with them. Please tell me your experience and if you recomend any in particular great. I would love to know.
Thanks John

I am trying my first one NinjaTrader5. So far it is so confusing that I have not been able to use it. AT ALL I mean I can’t figure out how to make a chart, make a trade, or even program the platform. They do have webinars, about 5 of them they are once a week. Of course they are on when I am at work so that is no help.

Why don’t you list the ones you have tryed?

I don’t trade with them since I don’t us ea broker that support Metatrader but I do use the VanessaFX 4hour EA to alert me on my cell phone when a setup occurs. Then I just place the trade through my broker (Oanda). My two favorite sites, besides this one :slight_smile: are:

Forex TSD| Metatrader Indicators and Experts Advisors

StrategyBuilderFX MT4 Trading Platform

I use custom indicators to also alert me via cell phone when trade setups occur. This is a great site with thousands of indicators & scripts.

FxS Forex - Scripts - Home


i don’t know if i attached these links correctly or not. I will say this I am a newbie and in nooo way do i endorse these. I myself have only just started to try these and back test them. If these attached well i will post again with any info I have on these.
Thanks, John

Ok i didnt attach them correctly but I will figure it out and as soon as I do I will post a couple that i am excited about.

I tried again but it is saying invalid file extension. If anybody knows a way around this please let me know.
Thanks, John