What's the first thing you check?

Helloooo. :smiley: Haha. I guess this is more like a question about your trading routine. :sweat_smile: But I was just curious. For other traders out there, when you turn on your computers or laptops in the morning, do you go straight to checking your charts? :smiley: Whatโ€™s the first thing you check? :blush:

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I spend so much time on Tiktok in the morning, whenever I wake up. :sweat_smile: And Iโ€™m trying to guilt-trip myself into spending more of my waking hours trading and monitoring charts. :sweat_smile:

Coingecko market cap of top ten cryptos. Hourly, daily, weekly change

Sometimes, before I even do that, I eat breakfast! Haha

Nom nom nom

After that, I go straight to the charts. I scan all my charts for new trades.

I take notes on those trades, review my open positions, then Iโ€™ll open new positions last.

i check my coffee maker lol. I canโ€™t function without caffeine. :skull:

That would be a review of the asset list here:

Check on my portfolio balance is next. Then some charts.

Now that I think about itโ€ฆ
Before I start digging into the charts, I start playing music. Haha

Gotta have my tunes!