What's the lowest auto loan rate you got (if any)?

Hi there. What’s the lowest auto loan rate you got approved for? Haven’t tried it yet so hoping to get some answers before my sister goes for it. Cheers!

0% Credit card for 18 months. (3% transaction fee)

Wow! You must have an excellent credit score to get 0% on an autoloan and 18 months? Just amazing.

My sister’s planning to get a Honda Fit from a dealer but a friend of hers advised her that it’s a good idea to talk with the dealer on the lowest rate that she can get and then get a loan from her CU after. How does that sound?

It’s her first car and her first auto loan application so we’re trying to get answers based on first hand experience. Her CU is offering her these auto loan rates btw.

In my opinion they’re not bad especially for someone in SF. What’s your take on this?

I think anything < 3% is good. Good Luck to you and your sis.

The auto loan rate that I was approved for was 2.5%.

But it happened 5 years ago, maybe nowadays you will find a loan with a lower interest rate.

Hey everybody. Any more recent information?

I also asked this question to myself for a couple of days ago and I started to look through the internet searching for information everywhere people were saying that a low rate is about 3 % annual, but I came across a company who has a 0 % annual rate and without any hidden fees. My friends are already making a list of lenders for this company. Now when I solved the problem with the money I am looking at what kind of car to buy. I hope that my advice will be of help to you

If you cannot find cheaper than 3.5% than probably this would be market interest rate for car loans. Have you considered buying a car on a leasing? There might be possibility that rates are lower here?

At this point, so many dealers are doing 0% APR plus 80+ months! I’m sure the fees are baked in but still, lots of sales happening right now. :flushed:

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Haven’t considered on taking loan. Might give it a try soon and will update on this.

2.99%. Could have been lower had it not been a used auto loan rate.