What's the simplest system a beginner can use?

Is there a very simple method or system that a beginner can use?

Most systems work pretty good. It’s about understanding the market, psychology, patience and risk management that will make you move to the next level.
Take a look at Market structure videos >20+ mins videos.
Try out different strategies not to see check on which one is profitable but just to feed your mind with the charts. The market will teach you what no one will ever teach you.

Are you familiar with the Cowabunga system. One the people who runs the website, BigPippin, came up with years ago.

Some oldies for you. Not sure how “easy” they are, though. But, you’ve got a discussion about each, so maybe you’ll find something in there you like.

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If you go to my blog there are some really basic systems I describe - I admit there not tested on lower timeframes - more daily and 8 hrs but they all work - at least they will give you an idea of what can be done.

every trading system can bring good result if you finished the basic level completely, it depends completely your knowledge and experience.

The simplest strategy relies on the simplest TA - a trend. Buy when price is in an uptrend, sell when it is in a downtrend.

You can refine this a little to slightly increase probability of winning, or slightly increase profit potential from an individual trade, but that’s about it.


its a very nice reply you have done, thanks for nice post. i think Zianfx got the ans by tommor. happy trading.

the trading system we the traders generally select according to our knowledge and experience , beginners should choose the system which allows their platforms, if love doing scalping should choose the broker that allows trading concept such as this.

There is many trading platforms such etoro, expert option and many others. I believe every system will give yOu great results if you take the correct descion km trading.

You can also read articles related to trading bu visiting the following website


I am sorry about going off-topic here but I am really amazed at how many people on forums are writing that many systems are working or how every system can bring you money and so on.

During the years I had access to the results of more than 300 000 traders

yep, real trading results, not something that someone is bragging about

and I would like to ask If everything was working so well why only a handful of people, from those 300K, survived in the long-term?

Sorry once again. I would recommend you to open a demo and start taking buys and sells based on a breakout of previous day high or low:

If today breaks yesterday’s low -> sell. Stop-loss above yesterday’s high
If today breaks yesterday’s high -> buy. Stop-loss below yesterday’s low

Exit: close the position when the profit is 2 times bigger than the stop-loss

The first thing to understand is how money come and go :slight_smile:


Try this system.

Check out the Cowabunga System.

Price action + major s/r levels + trend awareness + strict risk management is a good place to start.


It is only in science we have fixed pattern: rule of law.Trading involves not only science,but social,psycho-economical.If there is a system ,every new trader will be on the same level.I think ,we make our system by ourselves!

So @Pippo and @dudebro mentioned the Cowabunga System, I’ve checked the article here, and noticed that is 13 years old! At the time the author said that he was keeping performance records, are they available somewhere?

I got my education from a course I invested in that completely changed the game for me. I started out thinking that I had to learn a million different methods and strategies with bots and indicators and all that stuff. I was wrong. Just 2 patterns to look for and one simple and easy to implement method worked for me. I would recommend this course to anyone! Forexlightning. com

Would you please tell us a little bit about their trading methodology? Do they use indicators, market structure, etc? And how much does the course cost?

What was your background before taking the course and how soon after the course were you able to trade profitably?


Maybe you also need to ask yourself, do I really want the simplest system? Or do you want a profitable system. You may not be able to have both. Whatever you do make sure you are happy with the fact sometimes you will loose and other times you will win. Make sure you learn good risk management. Some good educational videos can be found on both Traders4Traders YouTube channel and CTrader YouTube channel. Best of luck!!!

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The system is actively being traded and reported on regularly. Watch the email you get from the forum for the reports. I think that the person trading it is using a slightly different name for it. There is a lot of historical info.

I think thats good advice for a beginner… Not complicated!