The Cowabunga System

Hello everyone,

I know many of you have been starting to follow the “Pip My System” blog and have many questions. I wanted to start this thread so that hopefully other traders might be able to help answer some of those questions. This can be a place for all of you to discuss any and everything about the system. If you are new and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about you can check out my first post which explains the system in detail:

“What to do after you finish the School of Pipsology”

If you’ve been following the blog for a little while and have some questions, please visit the FAQ page before asking. You may find the answer your looking for:

Cowabunga FAQ

Remember, this is not a holy grail. The system has its flaws, but it does work pretty well. Also, this system is NOT for everyone. If this doesn’t fit your trading style, then don’t force yourself to trade it. You’ll be miserable and it just won’t be fun. I’ve tried doing that before and I hated it. The Cowabunga system is meant for educational purposes and is simply a way to show you that a simple system can be effective in the Forex market if you stick to your rules and stay diligent. Have fun with it, and maybe it will inspire you to come up with a system of your own.

Happy trading!




I think this is an excellent idea. I just discovered baby pips a two weeks ago and completed the school at the end of last week. After having searched for forex education for over a month and hearing the cost of various packages I can’t beleive the wealth I found sitting here free of cost. So many thanks to you and your crew for spending the time to put this together.

I started backtesting and since yesterday trading your system which I found very easy to understand. I’ll be sure to update the site soon with some of my questions any results.


hi BigPippin, thanks for bringing something so simple yet effective to the community. I was wondering, do you trade the cowabunga system live with your real money? Another question, would you take a cross going against the H4 trend if the cross was effected by news to get in early on the trend?

Yes I trade with real money, and no I don’t take a cross opposite the trend of the 4hr chart. That would essentially defeat the purpose of the main trend altogether :slight_smile:

Happy trading

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Hey Bigpippin
Im loving the system. I know in the FAQ area you said you looked at other currency pairs and saw a few trades, so im wondering if lately you have tried the system on other currecny pairs other than the GBPUSD.
Do you think you could post the link to find out the performance of the system thus far?

Thank you

Thanks for the response back BigPippin.
Have a great trading day :slight_smile:

How many pips do I need to make to have that kind of title in this forum? :slight_smile:


Sorry ramrocket. There can only be one :slight_smile:

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I don’t have a track record on other pairs because I haven’t seen enough winning trades to warrant me taking the time to track it. There may be some tweaks that need to be made for it to work well on other pairs. I just haven’t tried messing with it.

I’ve rewritten the MT4 indicator so it should be a lot easier to use. The 4 hour trend is indicated on the 15 minute chart and the triggers now appear as arrows. You can configure it to send you and email when a valid trigger occurs but I’m not sure how useful that will be due to the inevitable delay in getting the email.

Strongly urge to display all indicators on chart and check validity of my indicator signal. Not guaranteed to be bug free but let me know if you find anything amiss.


Thanks for sharing ybop!

I love the way you are displaying the 4 hour trend on the same 15 minute chart. Plus indicating entries :slight_smile: . It picked up Big Pippins trade last night but I never got the email to work. I guess because I never was prompted to change the options because I didn’t remove and readd the indicator back to my charts and the default email option is off :frowning: . Awesome script, nice job! Now I have to read through it and learn how you coded it.


Thanks for the Kudos! Getting the 4hour indicator on the 15 minute chart was a challenge but a great learning exorcise:D

As for the email, make sure it is set up correctly -> “tools”, “options”, “test”.

I have it set so it only sends one email and then ignores any new triggers until the indicator is reset. I hate spam, (even spamming myself!). You can change this however by removing the “Send_Mail=false” line near the end of the code.

It seems to follow pretty closely Big Pippins with the rare difference explainable by different broker feeds having slightly different price values thus affecting the indicators. However remember that this system is really a training exorcise and you should never blindly follow any system that isn’t well understood. So always display the cowabunga indicators on the chart and visually confirm what my indicator is telling you.

I won’t be trading with real money until I have seen this profitable over at least 6 to 12 months. (My innate skepticism insists it won’t be)


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Only for thoes who love to live dangeriously~
I only enter a trade with a tiny Lot size .25c each PiP!
Now if the trade goes SOUTH! EEEeee!!
wait untill it reaches MAXIMUN! -Then…
No worries… I multiply the trade by 3 or 4 times (Still only $1 Buck a PiP)
if the trade is between -40 to -60 minus then this will bring it to -12 – 15 Pips minus…Some times I multiply on the same day or pay the Roll-Over Fee then multiply… Re-set my Limit to 8Pips…close up and open in a few hours time 60% of the time I am *8 pips richer…If still no luck…wait untill maximun loss then double up again…(Now 2Bucks a PiP) re set your Limit to gain 8 pips…and close up for the day…now your trade is 24 --to 48 hours old…and you should difinatly of got your 8 pips…No guarentees …but it works for me…small bids win the day!

I like your indicator because it can alert me, while I’m sleeping, to check over all my indicators manually before entering a trade :slight_smile: . I would never rely solely on it to place trades but it can help to prevent waking me up on false moves. It is also a good learning tool to learn how to write scripts of this nature. Thanks for your efforts & Big Pippins system of course.

This may sound strange but ever since I started learning FX I can’t wait until the weekend end. Everyone I know thinks I’m crazy but it’s a good addiction in my opinion.

Mcprant, where was your post when I needed it :slight_smile: . I spent a long time trying to find Tmobiles email address but I did get it to work and my test email works great. What sucks is that you have to set up your POP3 account on your local machine before it will work.

Oops, I have to stop getting off topic since this thread is meant to discuss the system!! Sorry BP.


As well as the GBP, I am going to Cowabunga…EUR/J…:smiley:
All next week…should give me more trade opps.

Made $100Bucks last Thurs & Fri…with only One Buck a PiP!
However, I do enter with the DiNapoli Predictive MACD suite $120 a month Aussie)
On the 0ne & two minute chart…
This gives to the second when to enter…Cow-a-bunga!

On the 35 Min chart I have the DiNapoli 3x3 MA and the 10 MA
as it is spot on for break outs…:eek:

B’ cairfull of the big ‘M’ and the big 'w" as this is the cunning head fluke 2 take your Bucks":mad:

I love the Cow-a-bunga…I recon, it works…:cool: .

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Another trader gave me this site to set up your own custom SMS alerts if your broker doesn’t provide that service for you, this is a free service. You can set up the alert for any MA cross or several other indicator signals.
I am finding it really helpful to wake me up for the 5/10 cross, which seems to mostly occur in the wee morning hours. Yawn.

alert!fx™ - foreign exchange (forex) alerts.

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Thanks for this link. I’ll have to check it out because I am having no luck with the indicators for MA crosses.

The cowanbunga indicator emailed me fine last night. The first one got stopped out but the second was right on. And yes I manually confirmed the entry which was right on :slight_smile:

BP, can you tell us more about your discretionary exits? For example what constitutes a “Clean break”?