What's the truth about FPA?

Hi everyone,
I was searching for a broker to work with and someone suggested checking FPM because I can find traders there, sharing their experience with their broker. I was going to check FPM but then I faced with tons of posts stating that FPM is not legit and reliable and now I’m confused that what is the truth about FPM.
I would appreciate if you share your experience with me.

Hmm. :open_mouth: The sharing their experiences part makes it sound like a review site? But isn’t it a broker? I haven’t heard much about FP Markets, but there are surely a lot of safer and better options for brokers out there. :open_mouth: I’ve tried Forex.com and Oanda, so I would suggest you check them out. :blush:


don’t obsess over it - just choose one that’s properly regulated, preferably by the UK’s FCA or Australia’s ASIC, and you’ll avoid all the avoidable disasters and accidents


Damn! my bad!!! I meant Forex peace army (FPA) not FPM :smile:
Rooky mistakes :confused: :expressionless:
You said you tried Forexcom and Oanda. Tell me more about them. What’s good about them?

Thanks man!
You’re such a great help.

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