Whats up from the new guy!

Sooooo ive never tried Forex before, I dont know anything about it. I had a friend who does it full time say come to this site to learn and practice. I sell cars, and build a network marketing business on the side. My days at the dealership are slow sometimes so I figured I could pick this up and learn alot and make some money when nothings going on at work…

So any tips, on what to watch, listen or who to study?

Hey jay if your friend does this full time then he is probably the best source of information(assuming he is successful). You can always start with the school here at babypips to understand the basics of the Forex market. It may take a bit of up front studying, capital and frustration before it gets the point where you can just monitor it on a slow day at work. Try to give it your all, at least in the beginning.