Whats with all these pairs?

Last month my son decided that I can put his allowance into the market. So I thought open up a micro accout with $50.00 (he is only 12 and does not like taking risk). So I have been looking for a micro broker with a good amount of pairs to trade and I have noticed that some only offer 7 or 8 pairs to trade and others offer as many as 20. Why is this? I think that if you had more pairs to trade then you would make more trades. Also I have noticed that with the 8 pairs that are offered with a micro account it is like looking at the same chart, funny they all seem to be doing the same thing. Also if anyone has a micro broker that I can open up an account with a small amount and has at least 12 different pairs to trade let me know please.

Use Oanda. Lots of pairs. No minimum account or trade size.

My guess on the limitations for the micro accounts you’ve looked at is simple liquidity outside the real majors at that trade size.

You could use synthetic pairs as shown in
the babypips school. But the Oanda route is
also a good one.
Synthetic Pairs - College: Currency Crosses - The Bastard Step Children of Forex - Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading, Free Forex Education, Learn to Trade Forex, Forex Training - BabyPips.com

I’m pretty small time, too.:o

There is also ForexWebTrader (I am currently with them)
You can start an account with 25$ there in minutes, and they have plenty of pairs. They also accept credit card.

I don’t know if they are good enough for you, because I am still a noob in forex market. But I haven’t had any problems with them (yet), though their charts are not so great. I use oanda demo for charting and forexwebtrader for trading :slight_smile:

I gave them I quick look. It’s late and I need to sleep but this is good enough. Thanks for the help. As far as the charts I still have mt4.

I’d also say go with Oanda. No minimum account requirement and they offer 40 pairs.

I also suggest oanda, i use them,excellent broker!