Whats your favorite pair to trade?

Hello Folks!!

After trading for some years now, I changed my focus from trading all the pairs under the sun, to focus on one only.

I wonder if others do the same? how many pairs do you trade??, in my case I find myself currently trading the cable only.

Happy trading!!!

…which defeats me every time I place a trade, as does GBP/JPY - my nemesis. I would welcome your insight in how to sensibly trade this pair.

right now i am busy with GBP/USD , CAD/USD

according to my trading experience i think any trading pair can be appropriate for you to bring profit with certainly if you have good knowledge and experience.

That’s a good call! I trade GBPUSD after like you juggling all the possible pairs. There was a time when I thought every pip movement in every currency movement can make me rich. Opened an account with forex.com as they have one of the largest offerings when it comes to currency options. This didn’t take me very far. I now use the same account along with fxview’s to trade solely GBPUSD. I trade between 8 and 10 and in the noon until 3. And I’ve found the stop loss at 50 pips to be the most profitable. This hasn’t worked with any other pairs for me this well.

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My favourite is EURUSD. I am trading it for some time now, and feel like I can trade blindfolded. When I see opportunity I also trade other majors. I haven’t tried exotics yet