What's your Financial IQ?

Hey everyone, I just took a neat test to measure my financial IQ. Ok So I only got 85 but tragically I feel it might be close to right!

I was 110 for rational risk taking but 70 odd for gambling and rational risk avoidance.

Perhaps I should steer clear of forex!

What about some of you more seasoned pros?


I got 102 for Resistance to Gambling

I seriously don’t understand how 100 is an average, since my answers implied I am the kind of person that almost totally avoids gambling, as I even find it boring, at least the type of gambling described in the questions.

So I am confused how I only got 102 there =/

Don’t take those numbers for serious. How can anybody come and decide what your financial iq is? Never heard of that one before.


Better trust my bank account as an indicator of F IQ.

Goes to show most people agree with you about gambling!

Got 110 overall, but apparently I am a retard in “intelligent risk”…

Of course I knew that. I’m risk averse altogether :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a go at it, but I just couldn’t be bothered getting to the end, it’s just mundane questions from an amateur psychologist.

Yea, I did that too now and got well above 100. Some questions answering randomly. What they ask there is not enough to even think about a level. One example: Do you invest in stocks? What is that for a questions what has to do with so called fiq? A question what would be good if they asked in detail how to analyze markets before going investing in stocks. No such question. Just a risk/no risk qa. So, forget it. I guess them will feed the departments of some brokers (not just fx) with that to find out what the risk level of Joe Sixpack is. That number is just to tease you.

I got half way through it and quit during the “how benificial is this behaviour” section because I decided, wasting my time filling out stupid quizzes is unbeneficial behaviour lol

I always thought IQ measured how quickly you learned, doesn’t seem like these questions measure that. If it didn’t bore me so quickly I might have finished lol :stuck_out_tongue:

IQ don’t measure Jack ****, it accounts for about probably 20% of a persons brain, it doesn’t take account of common sense, emotional intelligence, cooking ability, diplomacy skills etc.etc etc.

It’s just a measure for dumb asses that can be bothered to work out some weird patterns and stuff, so that they can pretend they know better than anyone else.

I get 102.6, it is good or it is bad??


102.6 it’s terrible, it means you’ve got nothing better to do!! LOL!!

Neither. They don’t tell you it is. They even don’t tell you what’s the difference between 101 and 999 or if 999 or even -50 is possible, lol. So, it’s just a number without any sense. It they did serious research before the best you can get from it is that 100 is the average in whatever. :wink:

I think (and many are agree with this) that more important is the emotional IQ.


Pretty sure it’s the same as an average IQ test being that 100 is average, anything above is better than average and anything lower is below average. I wouldn’t pay attention to these scores though as the questions being asked don’t measure any sort of learning, it seems like more of a psychological test. Still neat though, scored a 105 lol.

PPF, IQ measures intelligence, the problem is there is no sure definition of intelligence. ie. Does intelligence mean the ability to cook? Also, the reason most tests are pattern based is because they are trying to measure IQ (how quickly someone learns, if that is the correct definition of intelligence). If you can quickly pick up on harder patterns, you are demonstrating a higher IQ. At least, that is what the purpose of the test is supposed to mean, no one knows how accurate that may be.

I know it goes up and down, depending how much you drink!

Financial IQ
Your Financial IQ is: 106.2
This score is just like a “normal” IQ in the sense that a score of 100 means that you are typical, higher scores are above average and lower scores below.

The score is computed from three components detailed below.

Rational Risk Taking
Your Rational Risk Taking score is: 117.9
This score also has an average value of 100 and details how you well you are able to take the potential benefits into account when you consider taking a financial risk. Your score means that you are better than most people at looking beyond the risk in a situation to the potential rewards and have the boldness to take the risk when you feel that the rewards justify it.

Resistance to Gambling
Your Resistance to Gambling score is: 114.1
Again this score has an average value of 100 and details if you can avoid thinking like a gambler when it comes to financial decisions. A gambling tendency is to get excited about the risk itself rather than considering the risk and reward on their merits. Your score means that you get less excited than most people about taking financial risks. Because of this you may find it easier to be objective when you are considering a finanacial risk.

Rational Risk Avoidance
Your Rational Risk Avoidance score is: 86.6
As a sort of mirror image to the first component, this score shows how well you can take the risk into account when considering a very appealing possible reward. Your score means you might find it a bit harder than most to properly consider the risk when you think the potential rewards are really good.

You are 84% Kind
Meany Peg
Mother Theresa
You are 46% Bold
Scaredy Cat
Mr Incredible

Hmm, so I’m just Joe Average then…:


Resistance to Gambling, hmmmmmm

But Is forex Gambling?