What's your "minimum" and "maximum" goal from forex trading

Like what’s the baseline goal you’re trying to achieve and what’s the best case scenario if things go your way?

For instance, my “minimum” goal is to not blow my account. Like at the very least, I should at LEAST breakeven. My “maximum” goal is to trade a bigger sized account like maybe $5k or $10k and then be able to either withdraw every now and then or grow it some more.

I’m not planning on turning trading into my main source of income and neither am I trying to make it my secondary. For me, I’m trying to make it like a nice hobby that keeps me up to date somehow with what’s going on in the financial markets and also make some money that I can choose to use should I need to.

How about you? Do you have minimum/maximum goals too? My terminologies might be faulty lol.


My min goal is preserving my capital and the max one is to be like Gorge Soros :joy: :no_mouth:
How different they are


I want to open a hedge fund :slight_smile:


dreams are bigger to stay in bed lol


As a person who really hates to be told to what to do, my ultimate goal would be INDEPENDENCE.


My main goal is to preserve my capital while also generating additional income. I’m not confident in my ability to manage money effectively. lol

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I love it! I don’t encounter many people who want their own hedge fund. :slight_smile:

Like not work for anyone else you mean? Couldn’t you do that by opening your own biz? Well, I guess at that point you’re then beholden to your customers?

My minimum goal is to be able to trade full time, my maximum goal is financial freedom and early retirement.

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Wow. That’s amazing. How close are you to getting there? :open_mouth:

I’m about 0.01% there :rofl:

my goal is make enough money from forex to quit my daily job

I hear you. Making enough money from forex trading to quit your day job is the dream for a lot of us. I think about it all the time too. It’s a tough road, but it’s worth it if you can make it work.

my minimum goal is to keep learning about forex trading,my maximum goal is to quit working as an employee and instead work from home and have my own job.

HAHA. Almost there! :rofl: