What's your opinion?

I think that an investor should take more risk when he or she is younger and upon nearing retirement, start to make less risky investments.

What is your opinion on this?

those in the finance industry live by that rule. you are absolutely correct. the idea behind it is that in order to make money from the market, you have to be able to put in a good chunk of change and LEAVE IT THERE. Do not panic when things go to hell in a handbasket and withdraw your money. but only those with jobs can afford to essentially “spend” on the market, which is why youth is recomended to higher risk while they are working and have many years ahead to save. age needs a steady income stream from their savings, and cannot replace lost money (typically), so it is recomended to “safe” investments like bonds.

Thanks for that, Germaine, that is really reasonable and very informative for us to know about that :slight_smile: