What's your risk per trade(s)?


How much do you risk per trade?

If you have two trades do you reduce your risk on the consecutive trades or keep to 1% per trade?

I risk 1% but just trying to gauge what other folks are doing… research you could say :slight_smile:

Attached is my risk calculator, nothing fancy, it just tells me how much to trade at based on account balance and stop loss, take profit is just to keep me reminded on the risk/reward front.


MM - Risk per trade calculator.zip (6.77 KB)

Hi there,
Most of the time, I risk 0.5%/trade, that’s all. For that reason, one of my best friend called me “a snail”
Well, I replied to her, you know, yes, I’m a snail, but this snail is slowly achieving the dreams every week!

Usually between 1.5% and 2%. Depends on whether I’m experiencing drawdown or any psych issues, in which case I drop down to 1%.

I’m usually risking 1-2%, just because my trades are minimal and maybe only a few per month.

Thanks guys. Do you do anything like account splitting or % reduction?

So on a 10k account 1% but on a 100k account 0.1% (for example). Or do you split off accounts in to 10k (or less or more) chunks of equity?

This is one of the important aspects in fx.

Never go above 1% per trade.

The percentage of risk you take also depends on your capital. A certain percentage per trade can blow up a low capital account, but will do less damage on a huge capital account. 2% risk is very good for a huge capital account.

It does not matter whether you are an experienced trader or newbie, the standard ratio regarding risk is 0.5% and and the standard ratio regarding profit is 1:1. It would help you immensely to sustain in this market for long time. There are lots of newbie make one mistake by taking huge risk at the initial stage. Sometime they make profit but they also loose their all money within very short period of time. Taking calculated risk is always best advice to all newbie.

It is true that with such risk percentage, one can stay on the market for a long time. But how can such risk percentage help some with a very low capital make meaningful profit. Those with low capital would rather take a high risk than wait for years to get something meaningful out of forex.

Yep, thats very true. This is part of the reason why alot of successful traders reduce their risk to 1% or .5% per trade when the forex account reaches 300,000… 400,000.

To the regular average joe trader .5% is no money, and low. Also its much more easier to trade more disciplined with a larger account than it is with a small account. Thus equating to a high blow out rate on small accounts. But traders capable of trading with low exposure from small account to large account succeed better and are capable of trading extremely large amounts of capital. Just my opinion.

I would tend to agree that risk depends on your capital, and your trading strategy as well. I tend to aim for 1-5% until my capital grows and then re-asses. Although if i am using my demo account i will take more risk!

Even when trading demo I trade like for like circumstance… unless I entered a competition, then I’d be a bit more reckless. :slight_smile:

1% of a 1000 or even 10000 account is reasonable but on a 100000+ account 1% is quite a lot to trade in my opinion.

Really? And you trade a ‘huge capital’ account? :15: Lets say you have a very modest $10m account as a floor trader… hmm… a 2% hit on a single trade and your down a cool $200k. LOL!!! You’d be out the door so fast, your feet wouldn’t touch! :smiley:

I fail to see how 2% of a small account is more damaging than 2% of a large account?