What's your trading goal for the new year 2023?

  1. I will finally finish one of these damn Al Brooks books!

  2. Go through ICT’s YT mentorship. Been jumping around the videos instead of doing it the right way, start to finish.


Is this free?

Build a portfolio for futures

It’s free. YT! Discusses SMC, smart money concepts and other stuff. ICT isn’t the inventor or anything. Just a big believer.

Here’s the 2022 playlist. 41 videos.

Looks like he’s also starting one for 2023. Only 1 video so far.

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You some big bucks to start a futures account right? Like $15-20k?

Why do I feel like SMC is everywhere these days. Sounds like this is the new “price action!”

Well I know ICT has a strong following. But he’s not the only one teaching about the topic.

Maybe it works or maybe it’s just the “thing” right now. Don’t know. I’m still learning.

Recovering the lost of last year, :rofl: :rofl:
And the goal at the end of this year, my account will be double or triple.

What does that mean on a monthly basis do you think?

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Well, I used to earn around $2,000 a month in last year. But I think the point here is how to make it consistent and protect my capital, the main thing that I didn’t do well last year.

Wow amazing. Can you share your account size?

Minimize the losers. Preserve capital. Agree!

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I think it was around $8,000 or $9,000 at that time.

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My goals are to go live with a small account to see how I’m able to control my emotions with a real account and if I’m good to do a FTMO Challenge

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Yup, I started this last year Very tiny account. But it’s live and real money!


Couple years ago, micro contracts has been released, so now you can open small account with $2000 and trade.


Is this for the US?

My trading goals for 2023:
Earning via trading and earning via sharing my trades.

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My goal as a forex trader is always the same - to keep being a good trader by studying the market daily and use my professional understanding about how this market works to make good trades.

I do have my weekly profit targets that I meet most of the weeks, but it’s important not to get too infatuated with that. The focus still has to be on being a good trader as otherwise you can become too greedy and stop doing the actions that brought you success initially.

Last month (December) was the first time when my trading income on my personal account exceeded my monthly living expenses. I was very happy about this milestone being achieved and I didn’t even notice that until I did my calculations just one day before the NY eve.

The focus for 2023 is scaling. I’m planning to collect $1M in funding from prop firms and currently undergoing challenges with them.

To all the traders in here - wish you all the best and have an inspiring 2023.


Oh wow, thought it was so much more. But I’m thinking that’s like opening a tiny FX account, too small to open several trades right?

Currently, It is depends on broker which you choose. There are brokers for US citizens and brokers for other countries.