What's your trading mind?

Let us see if gold can be invested.I think maybe the key point of trading is follow your heart.If you aim to a trading stategy,then you should follow it.

I think some bearish pressure may come. Because the market has taken shape in Volatile.

Yes, your analysis is correct. I also think that bearish pressure may come.

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I hope, in time, you will look back on your opening statement and think otherwise.

I think the key point of trading is NOT to follow your heart, but to apply psychology lessons to suppress following your heart by the application of logical and methodical tools that you know, in the past, by back testing, can deliver a positive outcome (in other words, that can make you some profit).

And this is the most difficult for new traders to handle There is a saying in Forex. Those who think they know what the market will do and predict the future outcome are not traders. Those who don’t know what the market will do, but have the initiative, patience and discipline to apply the same rules again and again to forex trades will probably end up being successful, because they understand that nobody knows what the market will do. I am not trying to put you off here. I am trying to get you off to a good start.


its a very fine reply with good information , got so many fine lines , thanks again for your nice post.

Bearish short term bullish mid term

Nicely put…

Due to covid-19 situation my trading mind is broken. I lost many money in forex trading.

As per my analysis also, I am seeing a bearish trend as the market seems to be quite volatile.