What's your very first altcoin?

Mine was Digibyte (DGB). I bought it last 2018 and sold it after a year.

All in with CasinoCoin. Will be $1+ in 5 years or less.

Yet not but thinking of doing so.

XRP, ETH, NEO, 2017. several months before the huge move up of BTC to $20k. Those were simpler times :slight_smile:

Ethereum. I am not very adventurous. :smiley:

Mine was Etherum.

I got into cryptocurrency this year itself, and I bought Shiba Inu in July. It made a good profit for me.

CasinoCoin is the only crypto worth buying. I have well over $10k invested in it, now worth over $25k, still under a penny.

Started on Electroneum (ETN) back in September 2017 as I liked the project. That was my first foray into crypto actually.

I haven’t even heard of that one. Is the project still active?

I bought Ethereum and Solana.

Litecoin for me! Back in 2017 :slight_smile:

I remember Litecoin was pretty popular back then. :smiley:

Yes, it peaked again last year! I wonder if there will be another peak for it. Terrible time for all markets these days. Good actually, if you have spare cash to buy all these things on sale lol

My very first altcoin was Matic. I remember I got it at a steal price and earned quite a significant amount of profit soon after its graph spiked.

The very first altcoin that I purchased after entering the cryptomarket was Ethereum. Soon, after gathering information about this market and understanding its dynamics, I purchased more coins like Solana, Cardano and Matic etc.

I got some OMG, GRT and COMPOUND from Coinbase for doing some education tasks. Pretty cool, free crypto! Couldn’t tell you what those 3 do off the top of my head, tho.