What's your worst crypto mistake?

What’s your worst crypto mistake? It could be holding or not holding through the bear market depending on the result of course or the worst crypto you invested in, etc. Hope you could share your experiences so we could learn from each other and know what to do in a similar scenario.

I have no discipline and patience when I trade and it is the biggest mistake that I committed so far.

Yes that’s an emotional signal that when you recognise it, you must find ways to manage it, otherwise you will not succeed. What I do is to select and place a trade (or two) - set both my S/L and T/P above or below convenient zones - and then not look at the chart again until the close of day or even the following morning. I set myself a 5% daily risk exposure - it’s not perfect, but that’s it.

if your strategy is sound, following the same process day in and out should give you confidence and ease your FOMO.

Selling small positions on small holdings end of 2020 to accumulate Bitcoin, then spending the next few months seeing them do anything up to a 26X after I’d sold. Moral of the story - don’t sell all, sell half :rofl: