When to Buy or Sell?

Which signal should I trust from my tools when trading Forex

Take entry signals from price action, use indicators (if you need to, they are not compulsory) to confirm direction and approximate timing.

Its helpful if an entry signal also suggests a stop-loss price level, but you can use standard technical analysis to find a suitable stop-loss level. Same goes for take profit exit levels, though if the entry pattern doesn’t indicate this and neither does the TA, then you might simply decide to TP at a capital gain equivalent to your capital risked at the SL level, so that your risk reward r:r is kept at 1:1.

Trust sell signals more going to low 1.11s and maybe 1.10s for eurusd

Only your trading skill; instead of any so called technical tools.

Form is pinbar/2B/凹凸.
Short - lower swing highs on pullback.
Long - higher swing lows on pullback.

Buying low, selling high make much money until you Dy…hahaha

Good Call on EURUSD…Transpired slight_smile:

you can use any tool provided by the platform and it’s all about understanding the proper use of it.

Lol, to make it all very very simple it doesn’t sound like anything else being done here anyway. You need to buy low and sell high, but every seller from which you buy want to sell as high as it only possible, see my point out there ? I see that it makes sense.