When to enter at engulfing pattern?

Hi everyone,
With the help of you guys i now know what an engulfing pattern should look like but i need some help as to when i should get in. I will be looking for the pattern at support or resistance. Do i get in as soon as i see the engulfing bar close or should i wait for more confirmation? I will probably be trading on a 30 or 60 minute time frame.

Hard to say. It’s a pattern that often fails.

On those time frames, I would plot lines according to previous s/r areas, and pay attention to pattern development in those when price is at or around those lines.

Thanks for that

Provided that the pattern is worth trading, I would enter at the break of the most recent high.

Every pattern often fails if you trade it by itself. Engulfing patterns traded at S&R levels, trend lines, possible end of retraces and extensions on higher time frames(4H and above) produce good results.

Did you only read the first sentence of my post? We said exactly the same thing over all.

Trading patterns for the sake of them showing up on a chart is useless.