When To Not Trade Forex


I found this thread when I browsing around the net.

When To Not Trade Forex - Joe Ross & Trading Educators Forums

Since I never open live account with forex, can some one enlighten me ?

Interesting thread, thx for posting fly. I also found this quote on the forum

"Anything you can do in forex can be done better in futures with equal or greater liquidity, substantially lower costs, and at a regulated exchange where everyone sees the same price.

People seem to not realize that currency futures make up a substantial portion of forex trading. That portion continues to increase every day."

So does anyone here trade forex as a future? Truth be known i don’t even really understand what a future is, a commodity or just a term for any instrument that is not spot…


Do you feel a broker with no dealing desk is direction to go?

Thx for the info Tess. So are there a gazilion future brokers out there like forex shops that you can sign up for a demo and play with the markets with play money?