When will the crypto market implode?

The social media and financial news network hype is at an all-time high. Dogecoin is making the rounds. People are buying into Scamcoin even after we’ve already learned its a scam. I think the crypto euphoria is up there like it was at the end of 2017/early 2018. Crytpo ETFs are around the corner. A couple alts have some major developmental milestones coming up in the next 2-4 months. DEFI is blowing up. NFT’s are the new buzz word and the rage.

How are you feeling? To the moon by the end of the year, or another big dip before summer really gets going?

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That made me laugh…for a minute.

Just shows how gullible newbies are to social media sirens. Sad, really, especially as most are trying to escape poverty and make a life for themselves. On this site alone, there is a daily overload of newbies with expectations of financial freedom.

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Immediate financial freedom.

I give some of them leeway, if their attitude focuses on learning first - but as you pointed out that could just mean how to press buttons on a broker’s phone app…

Sad, really.

Never too the moon

FOMO hate is real.


It’s a gamble and mostly every single person that I know that has anything non-BTC and non-ETH understand that completely. If you’re listening to the “media” for anything- you’re the clown my friend. With all due respect.

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After the doge coin scam blows up and all the people buying it get greedy and lose all their money.

I don’t think the overall crypto market will implode anytime soon. The crypto market cap is over 1 trillion US dollars, there are far too much money in it invested by powerful people for them to allow it to implode.

Do you mean “never, to the moon!”, Or “we’re never getting to the moon”?


This right here is why I also think it will not implode… yet at least.

Is it a scam? Though, its gaining popularity now and Elon is consistent in marketing the doge coin.

Shiba Inu just blew up. I’m not so sure about Doge coin.

This shows the sad reality of the newbies who are so curious to make money that they don’t even realise that there can be a lot of things that play an important role in the choice of their investments. Just because something is popular is not a reason enough for investing in it.
You have to look at your personal risk taking capability and compatibility with its tools.


I could not resist writing this blog post after a recent experience monitoring the current insanity.


Well, I wasn’t too far off! Maybe Elon Musk on SNL was the signal we all should have taken that it’s just too crazy out there and time to take profit. Wow!

I feels like forever since we were at $65k, but it’s only been a month and a half.

BTC is down 36% on the month, almost 5% down on the week, and 2.5% down on the day.

Must be patient.

Netting a cool 15K GBP give or take in a day or so.

And he’s done it in that oh such bastion of fundamental value… Dogecoin.

I’ve never made 15K in one day. I’ve never come anywhere close.

This reminds me of that article on the dogecoin “millionaire.” At least your friend actually exited. This dude meanwhile is still “hodling.”

Either way, if both of them become rich from all of this, good for them… I guess. Lol.

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Actually I don’t know if he exited or not - maybe I didnt make that clear enough.

He was high fiving unrealised profits - I suspect he’s still holding - we havent really discussed it since.

Oh. Let me know when you find out if he’s sold / held! V interested to find out how he’s doing these days.

Up 25% in 7D. That’s a welcoming sight. Hopefully we can maintain above this level.