Where are the best places to network with traders in bath bristol areas?

looking to meet with traders that are outside of london. i live near bristol and there must be places where finance workers/trader/investors meet to discuss. if not would anyone like to set up ?

I am a bit far from Bristol for meet-ups but I used to meet every 4th Saturday afternoon with SW traders near Taunton. It was often the most profitable afternoon of my month, I learned so much.

And who else but traders understands what we’re up against?

Press on with this very good idea.


This is what copilot suggests:

Here are some options for forex trading meetings in the Bristol and Bath areas:

  1. Charles Clifton Forex Trader (Bristol):
  1. Guerrilla Trading Community (Bristol):
  1. The Knowledge Academy (Bristol):
  • While not specifically focused on meet-ups, The Knowledge Academy offers forex training courses in Bristol.
  • Their courses cover various aspects of investment and trading, including foreign exchange.
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Thanks guys

will check these out and see if i can locate SW Traders too. breaking some ground around bristol fintech whci im sure will help with more connections too.

thanks again and any more suggestions kindly welcomed