Where are the FOMC minutes stored?


does anybody know accidentally where those mystical FOMC minutes are stored?


Thanks, a good site - but I just wanted to make a joke cause It would be interesting to take a look at the minutes before they are officially released…

The interesting part is more what the market thinks about after the release.

Right now the market’s focus is (as always) int rates - does the Fed imagine rates moving up ahead?

Happens the Fed’s focus is slightly different but yet the same - inflation.

Long story short - you don’t need a pre-peek :slight_smile:

"Participants generally expected inflation to ease as the effect of these transitory factors dissipated, but several participants remarked that they anticipated that supply chain limitations and input shortages would put upward pressure on prices into next year."
(portion of Fed minutes)

Edit: as a previous minute taker of a much lesser important committee I’d guess that the above highlighted would cover perhaps up to 2 hours discussion.

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Thanks, concerning the highlighted sentence I agree that it’s difficult to predict how investors would interpret that. Nevertheless I would take them if someone offers them to me😁

UK inflation beat expectations today and even though it was the Fed’s minutes the exact same thing is happening in UK.

Boe mentioned a few weeks back re shipping container supply shortage - prices for many commodities are on the rise - most of the metals, a range of manufactured woods - even paper. Cause is simple - many factories were closed and the old market rule of supply/demand kicks in.

Transport is another factor in NI there is a shortage (estimated at c. 5000) of truck drivers - same thing in GB.

Now the thing is will this situation last?

What will the supply/demand rule say into next year?

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