Where are the Moderators?

Where are the Moderators ?

We seem to have a mild invasion of Snake Oil salesmen and Brokers trying to get free advertising !

Aye, mostly you get them at weekends - thinking is even the mods need time off - but like the early morning mist - when the sun comes up they disappear :slight_smile:

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Some weekends are worse than others - generally it seems those of us who can see through this help the mods out by investigating - If you get aggressive answers to reasonable questions- and especially if te “newby experts” are looking to be contacted by pm - then we flag their posts for moderation - sometimes indeed I personally flag their post and my own response for “individual attention” !

We do try to the best of our ability to protect our “pip-babies” from scams - but at the end of teh day - they’re going to walk into the same garbage - all over the web - so we try to get them “thinking scam” - Hopefully we do some good

And the mods DO seem to appreciate it - but sometimes it can be a nuanced Judgement call !


Hello @Johnny1974,

@Falstaff is correct. We would be very grateful if you could help us out in spotting sneaky scammers, advertisers, or any forum violation.

Please feel free to flag any post you want us to check and we will look into it.


Pipzilla :coffee:

Hi @Pipzilla

Thanks - The other one was TTSmarkets, it seems to have been taken down.

Hello @Johnny1974,

No problem. Just send a message if you need help with anything else.


Pipzilla :coffee: