Where are you guys learning to create your own EA

Hello gang!

I am about to finish the schoold of pipsology. Which I highly recommend it. Along this I was reading the Market Wizards book and I found that some of the wizard talk about the machines doing the trading for them.

I already created an algotithm that is very profitable for me. However, I cannot be watching at the charts every day becuase like most of you I have a day to day job.

I was wondering if someone knows where one can learn to create bots to use on MT4 for free. Curenntly I found good information on youtube and I was wondering if someone already went in to this path and found something.

Thanks much!! :slight_smile:

Not free, but the course on Udemy by Kirill Emerenko is not bad. Basically if you can code, then MQL is not a problem and the learning curve is steep only where the algo is concerned, and figuring out edge cases related to MT4/5.