Where did you learn more about EA coding/programming

Lots of traders on here taking their trading up a notch by coding an EA.

If that’s you, where did you learn the coding side of stuff? Any really good resources to get started there for an absolute beginner?

Thinking of MT4 since that seems to be mentioned most often.


I saw this one: https://book.mql4.com/

But already fell asleep looking at it as the page loaded :laughing:

Found a painstakingly detailed thread from 2013 that might help. I’ve bookmarked it for future reading.

Only issue is that the screenshots aren’t present (BP, as a forum, probably migrated from one system to another) and some of the links might not work, but the effort put by the OP is really amazing. There should be other nuggets scattered here and there in this forum.

While reading up on writing a basic script on MQL5 (MetaTrader 5 code) I understood that it was similar in nature to C++, if that helps.