Where do buy your crypto?

Share your country and where you buy your crypto!

Me: US, Coinbase/Coinbase Pro! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Kraken! US.


How’s usability on that one? Also is it safe? And how are the rates there?

I also use Coinbase. It is by far, the best crypto trading platform that I have ever used. This is what I recommend to others also.

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As someone who used to use some of the trading platforms no longer allowed in the US, I have to agree. :sweat_smile:

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Couple of places in the US now

  1. Coinbase
  2. Kraken
  3. OKCoin
  4. Bittrex
  5. Binance
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Oh okay. So Bittrex CAN still be used. Ok will have to log back in then. Thanks! Binance I’m a bit wary of, can’t remember why.

Which one among these platforms do you like using best?

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Kraken is my go-to. Order types, charting, assets supported, and liquidity.


Kraken didn’t perform all that well over the last couple of days. Perhaps the measure of a platform should be how it performs during large market selloffs. But being inaccessible for hours is unacceptable. At least in 2017/2018, you could access the platform and see your holdings. Price plunges, which weren’t see on other large exchanges, also don’t help to build trust with your customers.

Not a great look for them. They will surely lose users. And it will be the users generating the most fees.

I’ll be giving FTX.us a look.

Oh my. Was just gonna say that I’m about to open a Kraken account. Do you still recommend it after this snafu?

I had no issues. But had I needed to move funds, sell, buy, whatever, I would have been extremely upset.

Thats great.

I am loved Binance. So I’m also interested and shared it.

My list is now:

Coinbase Pro

Mine is now Coinbase Pro and Kraken!

Kucoin can also be used by US citizens, in a limited capacity. Learn something new every day!

Well, now that it turns out I can use Bittrex, I may as well go back to using that again. I’m not a big fan of Kraken’s interface…

I use coinbase as well, for other crypto’s that aren’t available on Coinbase I use kraken.