Where do buy your crypto?

Share your country and where you buy your crypto!

Me: US, Coinbase/Coinbase Pro! :slightly_smiling_face:

The Kraken! US.

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How’s usability on that one? Also is it safe? And how are the rates there?

I also use Coinbase. It is by far, the best crypto trading platform that I have ever used. This is what I recommend to others also.

As someone who used to use some of the trading platforms no longer allowed in the US, I have to agree. :sweat_smile:

Couple of places in the US now

  1. Coinbase
  2. Kraken
  3. OKCoin
  4. Bittrex
  5. Binance

Oh okay. So Bittrex CAN still be used. Ok will have to log back in then. Thanks! Binance I’m a bit wary of, can’t remember why.

Which one among these platforms do you like using best?

Kraken is my go-to. Order types, charting, assets supported, and liquidity.

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Kraken didn’t perform all that well over the last couple of days. Perhaps the measure of a platform should be how it performs during large market selloffs. But being inaccessible for hours is unacceptable. At least in 2017/2018, you could access the platform and see your holdings. Price plunges, which weren’t see on other large exchanges, also don’t help to build trust with your customers.

Not a great look for them. They will surely lose users. And it will be the users generating the most fees.

I’ll be giving FTX.us a look.

Oh my. Was just gonna say that I’m about to open a Kraken account. Do you still recommend it after this snafu?

I had no issues. But had I needed to move funds, sell, buy, whatever, I would have been extremely upset.