Where do the trolls go

I wonder if this guy has a multiple personality disorder? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, he has gone alright!! :smiley:

Brickman had heaps of posts on my thread…


The Administration has taken the trouble to remove every one of them!! :smiley:

It was only a matter of time. :smiley:

These trolls go into your threads and sit there like terrorist sleeper cells!!
No harm, nice posts…then suddenly - bang - a very nasty post striking out!! :eek:

I don’t doubt it tymen.

That strange little guy could do with getting out more & interacting with real people instead of spending every waking minute in here flooding & spamming threads with his comical one liners.

So far he’s either been disguised as all of the following, or they’re all cut very closely from the same cloth:


I’m sure there are a few more rotting away in the bowels of a few threads on here, but I really can’t be bothered to waste my time searching them out.

The positive thing is he falls right into the net quite easily & gets flushed regularly, trouble is he leaves a bad smell behind.


You’re going to have to work a little harder than that buddy boy!

I got a perfectly adequate pair of eyes, a sensitive nose and a fully functioning brain in my head.
You leave a stench that a tracker with a bad cold could follow + giant footprints a blind man could track.

You’re not exactly one of the worlds smartest trolls are you.

I’d regroup back at kreslik if I were you & get in a huddle with yourself – see if you can’t think up a better plan for your next visit.

I’m not the only one whose got your number. You don’t take a whole lot of figuring out at all.

Some of our TROlls bailed out of here so fast that they left behind a pile of their junk.

One of the things they forgot to take with them was their Forum Troll Instruction Sheet.

You might get a laugh out of this little document of theirs. They actually waste their pathetic lives doing this crap!


[li]1. Wait patiently until someone posts something you think you can attack — this will be your initial target.
[/li]Then join the discussion with a very gentle, non-confrontational question or comment.

[li]2. Focus on your initial target, looking for a fact or opinion which is difficult to prove. Then demand that the writer
[/li]of that fact or opinion PROVE his point. If he falls for your ploy, his reply will give you more facts and opinions
to attack in the same way.

[li]3. Begin your attack by arguing smoothly, in your best imitation of a real scholar. Being able to do this is vital;
[/li]it is your most valuable skill. You have to create the illusion, early on, that you are the smartest guy in the room.

[li]4. When people on this thread become annoyed with you, you are on your way to winning. Now you begin to cry
[/li]“personal attack”, “off-topic posts”, “forum rules”, “freedom of speech”, etc. Your objective is to frighten your
opponents into silence.

[li]5. When everyone has been silenced, and you are the last man standing, YOU WIN! Find your next target and
[/li]do it all again!

[li]6. If you happen to be exposed as a forum troll, consider changing your screen-name, and re-joining this discussion
[/li](or any other discussion) with a new “identity”.

[li]7. If you happen to be banned by a fascist moderator, then changing your identity will be your only option.


Want to watch a TROll in action, in real time? Check out Instruction #2, above.
Then scroll back 2 posts from here — to post #29 — and see that instruction being followed to the letter.

Here’s a quote from that post:

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Trolls! :smiley:

Inbreeding is a frightful thing!

I refer you to rule #4. :slight_smile:

These fish are so easy to catch, you really don’t even need to bait the hook.

this is a funny thread and is sorta like the bait for your hook:D

[B]Hey, Shr1k[/B]

Did you know you were “outing” yourself?

I certainly had no idea that I was “outing” myself.

What do you think will happen to us, now that we’re “outed”?

Do you think those pesky TROlls will gang up on us, and harass us, and violate our civil rights?

I’m getting scared, just thinking about all the awful things they might do!

Oh, wait! I forgot. There’s only one of them! One TROll, using a dozen different names.

I feel so much better now.

First there was the Liteforex thread to make you roll on the floor laughing.

Now I thank you Clint for this entertaining thread! :smiley:

Oh, trade like a farmer is pretty funny also!

Its without doubt the best thread on the forum. What is funny, is that almost noone understands the advice thats being offered ! :smiley:

Ya all makin fun of me. Dont think I dont know it. Dis country boy knows how to use google alerts. Every dang time you make fun of me, I knows it. But every time I takes your money, I gits to laugh. Cause when I make money trading, I knows I am most likely takin it from a city slicker. Ain’t dat a knee slapper.

Ya all should mind your manners. Ain’t dere fault dere momma is dere sister.

After readin dis thread, it looks like a klan meetin goin on.

Hot on the heels of his previous alias brickman, another bug gets flushed

Yew jist be showin off yur indoor plumbin.

In the real south we have a saying.
Plowin the short rows.