Where do you get your crypto news?

In a crypto world filled with fake news, What are your most trusted and reliable news sources? How do we. Up-to-date with real news in a world of chaos?

it’ll be much useful if you can share your expertise on this. THANKS!

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Oh wow, there are so many places. In no particular order:

  • Crypto Twitter
  • CMC News
  • CryptoPanic
  • CoinDesk
  • The Block
  • Decrypt
  • CoinGeck News
  • Crypto Slate

But these days, crypto news comes out of virtually all financial, business, and mega news sites.

Thank you @BillyBobPimpton ! Yeah, the thing is there are too many sources and most are filled with fake news, Hope the sources you mentioned has valid up-to-date info. I’ll be sure to check out.

Coindesk is a subsidiary of DCG -

DCG owns Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, with $55 billion USD under management.


Big money!

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I spend a lot of time reviewing crypto sources. Can you give me a couple of examples of what you deem to be fake news?

I have listed below a few sources that I look to frequently for no nonsense reviews of crypto

Coin Bureau

Real Vision Finance

Benjamin Cowen

If you believe in Elliott wave theory
D.I.Y. investing

And about 20 others but they are specific to niche interests within the cryptoverse


There are none - not least that I’ve ever come across - except perhaps the market itself.

I’m not a trader of crypto but a little thing I’ve noticed (short term) is it’s reaction to risk.

As a wee test this evening being a Friday near to close risk often takes a front seat - US2000 being a risk-on harbinger has jumped - in tandem USD/JPY has likewise (no surprise there.
Then USB 10yr has likewise dropped, again no surprise - so I’m wondering how BTC/USD has behaved?

Which one is btc - hmmm… that’s the thing about bots - risk is risk.



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It’s mostly Youtube channels claiming “This is the next big thing” or promoting airdrops that never comes.

As for websites, I’ve come across some of them too For example recently many sites had posts that walmart is going to accept crypto and that affected the market, but later walmart officially said it’s fake.

Thank you very much for this, I’ll be sure to check them out.

If you can mention those too it’ll be much helpful, Just out of curiosity. I’m really interested in this and specific niche content also interesting. If it’s okay can you mention those too. Thank you!

This is so true. well even the market is super unpredictable sometimes, When market manipulators post something on social media ( (cough) Elon Musk ) The market goes berserk…One person can turn the market upside down from just one tweet…

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Please start with the links I provided. All other links are offshoots of the consequence of understanding the basics of blockchain, crypto currencies, which leads to topics like DEXs, DAOs, IDOs, NFTs, liquidity exchanges, liquidity pairs. You will find links to such specific interests reading through the content of the likes of those links I have provided. I am 23 months into this hobby, and I have still not understood all the nuances of the niches within crypto. If you try to go too fast you will end up on a circular treadmill wondering where to jump off.

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Official twitter accounts of trading platforms seems like a good place to start.

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Ah, OK. Good example. I participated in the XRP airdrop last December and am still waiting for the tokens to be dropped. They were supposed to start back in March, then May, then August. I must have missed one of hundreds of news articles. LOL. I have no doubt they will arrive - I just don’t know when.

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Thank you! Sure. I already downloaded some and started watching . :+1:


@DariusSal9 Yeah, they provide updates too, but they don’t have in depoth analysis, Check out the links provided by Mondeoman, Some really good stuff there.

Great resource.

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This is also a great way to keep up with developments and milestone reached or delayed by the various companies and teams building out.

Who are you currently following? Any recommendations?

Five best crypto news websites we should be reading
coin space, Coin desk, Bitcoin magazine, Coin telegraph, Reddit.