Where do you get your forex, trading, psychology books?

Where do you obtain and purchase your forex, trading, psychology and related books from?
This website with its school of pips, forums etc is definitely one of my favourite websites. I have gained knowledge and I peruse this website frequently and I hope I can give back some useful information.
Hopefully you can also add to this list where you obtain your books from, the service you have received etc.

Not in any particular order:

Educated Investor (Melbourne Australia)
Abe Books for those out of print, hard to get, plus new books at a range of prices from a variety of sellers
Traders Library
Dr Alexander Elders website, has a good selection of his own books plus books by other well known authors.

Hope this helps, please add to the list.
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I use NLP or EFT Emotional Freedom techniques, plenty of websites and youtube videos for this search for things like NLP,tapping, there’s some Forex specific NLP techniques on my website.