Where do you keep your crypto?

Hey crypto traders, are you moving your cryptos off exchange into a separate wallet (software, app, hardware) or just leaving it with your exchange?

Anybody staking/lending?

Paper wallet, the most secure way to store them.

What’s this mean? I’m not familiar.

Just leaving it.

You keep it in the exchange?

I have one buddy who actually uses a hardware wallet. Wondering if that’s the next step for me to be more secure. But if I have my seed phrase, why do I need the hardware wallet at all?

Agreed. I still have some scattered in different paper wallets lol. Small amounts though.

For bitcoin you can use bitcoin.org to transfer your BTC there. I haven’t tried it for other coins yet but so far it’s been really safe. It takes it offline. So if you can’t afford a hardware wallet, that’s the cheapest way. The only problem is making sure you remember the password haha.

Isn’t that still online though? What if bitcoin.org goes down?

You can use a different website to transfer. So like for me I used bitcoin.org to store in paper wallet and then to take it out of that cold storage, I used blockhain.com then transferred to Coinbase. There are other wallets also that you can use to take it out of your paper wallet. :slight_smile:

Also no, not online! Only online to create it. But once created it gets transferred offline.

Here’s more on that:

So paper is still just taking your public and private keys and storing them NOT online, right? Do you mean you used one of these wallet services to export your keys to some physical, real-world medium, like paper, or a screenshot, or something else?

Yup correct!

Yes, like an actual paper that I printed lol. WELL technically it’s in your computer before you print it, which is why you disable wifi when you’re doing all that.

I guess it’s not that crazy to go that far to keep your info safe. Plenty of examples of other traders losing their accounts or getting hacked, but just as many forgetting passwords, losing hardware wallets. You need multiple levels of security I think.

Yes and then for extra SAFETY you can just store your paper wallet password in something like this:


What is that, a notebook? :rofl:

So 1980’s of you!

I was JOKING hahahhaa. Or am I…

Oh cool. Where are you doing this?