Where do you see the next BTC resistance?

Do you think it’s going to continue going up from here? I’ve read elsewhere that it’s only going until around $7,200 then going back to sub $6,000.

From looking at the btc chart on tradingview, it looks like that $7,200 is a major support level. It’s been retested multiple times in the past, so if it goes beyond that level then it mighttttt continue on up towards the $9,000 level. You just have to keep an eye on it.

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I hope it breaks the $7,200 resistance then. :tada:

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8500 would be the main resistance level, IMHO.

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I see that now, thanks!

I am hoping so! It could be possible.

Right at an area of resistance now perhaps. $6700.

Kinda sucks we were initially looking at the $8500 range (looking at @bradley79’s post from last month) and now just at $6700-$6800.

December is near. Could we see another bull run???

Hopefully all the good news that’s coming in for crypto will push BTC and the altcoins higher. :slight_smile:


Why is everyone concerned about the value of Bitcoin. Up, down,…etc…as long as it gets some capitulation and volume, that’s what we make our money on. When it moves we win (or lose). Don’t come into a trade with a personal bias, come into a trade with confidence in your technical (or fundamental, good luck) skills and take what it gives. Long or short, big move or little it’s not about counting pips, it’s about pip value and making money in the end. And remember, if everyone and their gma sees a “buy” on that chart, you need to remember that the movers need people to sell so they can buy and push. So look for the shake out soon before the big move. Because there will be both. Happy mining!!

Hope you post back once you spot some shake out going on!

Practically back at this price level again . One wonders when the next significant push past 10K will be .

I see resistance on the trend line. Now it is at 12,000, but it has a downward slope.

well right now i am a bit on the fence about it…what a dump ythis week!!!