Where is my School Propress history in babypips?

Hi my name is Bibian and i would like to know what happen with the progress i did in trading school, did i lose that? after you change the format of baby pips wherever i did i no more there so i want to know. thanks

Hello bibiraja,

Thanks for the question. That feature didn’t make into our original release from last week. But we are working on updating that feature to work with the new website, and we’ll be releasing it soon.

As for your already saved progress, we’re hoping to transfer over most of your progress. There we some School lesson changes in the new website as compared to the old website, so some of the saved data is inaccurate, and can’t be used on the new website. We’re having to make adjustments for that.

But thanks for your question and for your patience while we get that resolved.

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