Where or why babypips.com has not yet inroduce

As we see and bowse babypips.coms pages of schooling system and find use ful content and stuff on mostly currency pairs and market.
Technology and it’s use is ongoing and new ideas new markets are being created.
Where I can find some useful pages on babypips.com specially about boom and crash market?
Is there?
If isn’t it yet!
Than why did it is ignored more than 10.5 M individual and enterprises are trading on it

Because boom and crash is made for retards so that they will lose money.


A great advantage of trading over investing in assets is that if the market is going down we can still make a profit.

Why are you especially interested in boom and crash?

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It’s right!
Time was when there was no concept of crypto
And after btc there is a regulation in crypto trading
So is it bad to work on it?
Derived ate units and taken out from market so I or someone else is interested or not is not the answer of the question
The question is babypips as an open source for everyone everywhere on each new and current trading system.

Thank you. I accept you are not compelled to answer any questions. Nor am I.

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Then again maybe that is the answer to your question?

Why spend time & resources on product(s) that very few ppl have an interest in?

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Ok no matter it’s alright!
In babypips.com macd examples there are two lines shown for likely a crossover like ema or sms faster and slower one
But when I insert macd there is only 1 line shown
While the signal is not a single line it’s 90° lines
So how to set up macd to display two lines or should I use other sma or ema if yes what period value should be?

I want to combine two indicators one on main chart which is ema 5 and ema 9
Bellow the main chart
To confirm both the indicators are in crossover) under position
And my macd should also should look like this one example given in babypis but when I insert I find single line

Not sure whether the school mentions - one thing to have a look at with macd or indeed any of the other momentum oscillators is divergence - .i.e where price for example makes a determined low but the oscillator refuses to do so.

I use EG so here is a recent example on hr1

Apologies if already familiar with this.