Where should I begin

Hello everyone I hope the happiest new year upon you all. I am brand spanking new to this website as my father recommended it. I’m here to learn therefore allowing me to be financially free as early as possible! My first question to you all is where is the best place to begin as a complete beginner? I’m not too familiar with the terms or charts I have done a little bit of stock trading in the recent year, but I would appreciate some guidance on where the best to begin is.

Happy New Year
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Start by familiarising yourself with Pattern No.1 - the uptrend. Look at different charts and see how you decide which is in an uptrend and which is not although price has risen. Understand how you would compare different uptrends and assess which is the one you would want to be in and which is too risky due to deep deep pull-backs.

Pipsology is the best place!

Start your education from babypips education school and then apply what you will learn on demo accounts.