Where should I "start" to trade?


I’m now into the elementary course, and I saw in one lesson that I should start playing with the ema and sma…
The problem is that I’m actually not on any website or something, so I’m now asking you where I should start to trade!
I saw people with softwares, I saw many websites, but I can’t understand what is a good software/website :confused:
Thank you in advance!


Open a demo account with a broker.

Oanda has a great demo account and charting package. I am not telling you to use them as a broker but I feel their demo account would be a good option. Otherwise check other brokers for demo.

I’ll also say this. Keep things simple. I know when I first started learning about trading I was exposed to all these different indicators and strategies to the point that I didn’t even know what to use to trade and I was stuck.

Turns out all I needed for my current strategy was grade 1 and grade 2. Support and resistance and Candle sticks. I do also pay attention to the 200MA in some cases.

Just remember there are many potentially profitable strategies and they will each have there winners and losers. All you can do is manage risk so that your winners are bigger than your losers. A system that wins 40% of the time can be very profitable. Imagine if you take 100 trades lose 60 of them $100 dollar loss each losing trade. You lost $6,000 but you won 40 of those trades. Each winner $200 dollars. You made $8,000. $8,000 - $6,000 = $2,000 dollars of profit and you lost more often than you won.

I hope this helps. This is what I wish someone had explained to me when I had just started.

Best of luck on your journey and if you are interested in learning about trading pyschology do a search for Mark Douglas on youtube or google, he is a wealth of knowledge in that area.

You have to open account with a broker. It’s a company that offers you software and order execution services charging you with spread and commission for it. Go to broker section, read reviews about brokers, pick one and open demo account with it. Don’t rush to deposit any real money to it, because losing money is extremely easy but earning money in a stable manner is a fate of professionals and seasoned traders only. Good luck!

Open a demo account with a broker, then install either Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 which are good for beginners. Then you can start practicing! :smiley:

It seems like you are completely new. While you have been told to get a demo account from any broker, you should also read all you can. What you learn is what you will practice on the mt4. Use video tutorials on youtube, visual aids are best for learning.

As others have said, open a demo account with a broker and trade in there until you are profitable

Also, when you pick a broker, even if it’s just for a demo account, pick a regulated company, not random bucketshops. It’s good to develop good habits as early as possible.

As all forum members previously noted, the best start for you would be to open demo account. They are very useful to get familiar with trading platform and basics of trading. They are usually free of charge, so use well this opportunity

Before a trader can go with live trading account, it is better to start work with demo trading account at first. When a trader can give sufficient time in understanding the market only then he can think of carrying out his live trading activities with effective employment of his time, money and facilities. Be sure to your learning, be confident with your trading activities after attaining good amount of trading knowledge.

So what happened? Did you open a demo account?

dont start trading until you understand the risk of leverage & margin.

start practicing only after you learn 1 price action + 1 price level + 1 strength indicator.