Where to find all the news?

i have a demo-account for 4 months and to me, news is most important. eg what the CB’s are telling/taking action. or where to find the orderbooks/thinking of major banks. where on the net i can find all the news? i use twitter of fxlive, fxstreet, zerohedge, finviz, forexfactory. but i have the feeling i miss so much more. is news for free or do you need a bloomberg, ransquawk account? to me, I see fx as a spiderweb and each node is a variable/news. i want to see the whole web and all the nodes and create a feeling of whats happening. i must admit, i also find the story behind the numbers more interesting than the numbers itself.

Most Forex news sites are free, as far as I know. You shouldn’t have a problem following those.

are those free sites enough? when some large swings happen, i often have the feeling: i’m too late or i miss something. especially when the CB’s are pouring billions in fx

I suggest looking at sites like investing.com and economies,com these are sites i check out for news, they are good not always but most of the time :slight_smile:

i didnt know of the 2nd one. thanks

Yes news is very important for earn profit or lose money. I use forexfactory for news. It is a good website.

i use forexfactory everyday. it’s a very good one. but the problem is the live feed, eg g7 or g20, or some fed, boj speakers. i’ve noticed that those people can influence fx alot. i don’t know where to find the live feed for those kind of events.

I use Bloomberg and CNBC. There isn’t a live feed, but glancing at their headlines usually is good enough for me to gage current sentiment.

bloomberg, forexfactory… but do you a full time trader? since it’s very hard to keep up the lastest news for trading.

today is a good example. i follow gbp-jpy. in the morning it shoots 60 pips, i don’t know which news it was. at this moment there are inflation report hearings, 70 pips. i don’t have a live feed. i’m staying out of the market. but with live feed you could earn 100 pips or more. at some days it takes a dive or shoots 100 pips or more and i didn’t know where it came from. that’s frustrating, i can’t see those movements by using TA or normal news sites.

You can use the calendar from some large website such as forex factory or investing. You can also download some indicators which include the most important and latest news in the day.

hi sammy, i use the calendar of those. i read at the end of the day what will be happening the next. but still, sometimes i can’t see the big moves. at the end of the same day you can sometimes read about those moves, the why who what. than i try to find more info about the info which are the source of the move. but mostly it’s info you can’t find on the net, or i can’t find it. perhaps with a bloomberg account or working for a big bank and have that extra information. but as a retail newbie, i can’t find those. thank god i have a demo-account, because often i’m at the wrong side of such big move. couldn’t see that one coming… :wink:

yep, for the last days i needed this one. thanks

You’re wasting your time. By the time the news is released, you’ve read or heard it, then decided how to react, its too late, price has already moved.
You’re competing against professionals and algorithms that react faster than you can dream of.

Usually I am also open forexfactory if want to look news update, this is my favourite source to reading news, daily in calendar economy, also will update on realtime , but actually many website that provided economy calendar

i know i’m often late, but sometimes the wave takes longer than 1-10 minutes, sometimes for hours. but i want to know, why,what,where. if i don’t know nothing i have the feeling i’m totally blind. to me, the news are making the waves + policy of the CBs.

Hi Lexicon.
Price movement is much more complex than reacting to news. For starters, there’s always more than one side involved, and a multitude of opinions. There’s a great thread here on COT analysis that you might find useful

hi bearish,
forexfactory is also a favo of mine.

hi eddie,
that kind of information i would also love to know. i’ve noticed there are soo many variables affecting the movements. it’s like one big spiderweb full of variables, and at the moment i know so few of them. perhaps in the end, when i see all those variables, i get the feeling which ones are usefull, which ones not, which ones at which time. which ones to ditch and perhaps how to create simplicity. but you need knowledge to do and see it. if i don’t succeed to make money of fx, i would continue reading the charts, demoaccount, to feel and understand the news better. i’ve red economic news for years, but fx charts are giving an extra dimension.

Great, but bear in mind that the market doesn’t always react logically !)

i’ve noticed that also several/many times. perhaps in the end, it will be all about fingerspitzengefühl