Where to find intraday forex fundamentals updates?

Pip Diddy is awesome and all but I’m looking for sources (sites? Twitter accounts?) that offer real time or at least session recaps throughout the day. Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

May I ask why you look for these? Professionals don’t complicate trading with news. News has unpredictable effect of prices and it is itself unpredictable. Price action only is what professionals trade. It shows where price is going and you just follow. Very simple really. News is much too much like gambling :slight_smile:

I’d like to provide an opposite thought to Samir, being aware of the news helps you know when to avoid trades in certain situations (like NFP), and when to limit your targets because of low volatility.

Well, I don’t really trade the news. I just like looking at shorter time frames (15m, 1h) and I’d like to know what’s influencing price action as soon as I can rather than wait for end-of-day updates. That way I can make analyses that could help me determine whether or not an intraday move could continue to the next trading sessions.

Hope you can help. Thanks!